The Bakery

Fully Equipped Bakery


Due to demand for our baked goods, in 2017 we moved into our purpose built bakery just up the road from our shop. Baking all day and night to bring the finest and freshest baked goods in Notts. 

Age Old Techniques


With years of hands on experience, our bakers craft each loaf by hand. We believe there are no short cuts when making truly great bread- you just need skill and experience. 

Just 4 Ingredients


All our bread starts with just 4 key ingredients- flour, yeast, salt and water. We don't believe in using any additives or improvers which ensures we produce a healthy and high quality loaf every time. 

Award Winning Sourdough


The health benefits of Sourdough bread are widely known and ours is certainly a great example of it. Using our 27 year old starter "Babushka", we  don't rush our Sourdough with the whole process taking well over 24 hours.

Delivering across Notts


Our van delivers hundreds of loaves of bread across Nottinghamshire every day to not only our shop but also to cafes, pubs, restaurants and delis. 

Our Range


We currently offer an ever growing range of breads, cakes and pastries available in our store and for wholesale. Pop in store for a loaf, or get in touch if you would like us to supply your venue!