Are you dog friendly?


Yes! We welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes as long as they are well behaved. They will even be greeted with a bowl of water and a biscuit should they want one!

Do you cater for children?


Yes! There are plenty of child friendly options on our menu, but if your child ( like ours) is a little fussy we are happy to make adjustments to suit. We are breastfeeding friendly and have high chairs and baby change facilities.

What about dietary needs?


Our menus are designed to be as inclusive as possible whether that is to vegans, vegetarians, GF or meat eaters. Always let your server know if you have any dietary requirements as they can help ensure you get the right dish for you.

Do you bake your own bread?


All of our bread is hand shaped, hand moulded, baked through the night and available fresh (and usually still warm) every morning! 

Do you do takeaway?


We have a wide range of goodies available for takeaway, from breads to cakes and pastries. We also do takeaway coffees and some menu items can be take out too! 

Do you serve alcohol?


Oh yes! Our alcohol license runs every day from 11am and on Thurs,Friday, Saturdays goes all the way though to 10.30pm! We have an extensive range of beer, wine, cider, gin and whiskey for you to sample.